About #YesWeCannabis

During the 2012 election cycle in the US, more states either added medical marijuana to their list of ‘legal medicines’ or legalized it for recreational use than ever before. However, cannabis has a long road ahead of it to become completely legal in all states and territories under United States control. That is what we are all about. We believe that cannabis should be available to any and all who wish to partake in enjoying it for both medicinal and recreational use. We believe that cannabis has gotten a bad reputation and is not the dangerous drug that many have claimed it is for so long. With science coming out in support of the drug through research studies and medical trials, it is easy to see why cannabis should be legal in the United States.

Our Vision

Our vision at #YesWeCannabisis to see access to the plant in all its forms across the nation. Cannabis has many different purposes, and can be used for more than medical treatments and recreational highs. In fact, over 200 years ago one of the nation’s founders, George Washington grew hemp to sell in trade. In other words, the assumption that Marijuana and its byproduct are harmful to the health of our nation is simply false, and it is our vision to restore Cannabis’s reputation and transform the way it is seen not only in America but also around the world.

What We Do

While our number one goal it is to educate the public regarding the use of Cannabis, many might wonder what it is exactly that we do. For starters, we are doing our part to spread the #YesWeCannabis across all social media platforms. With this simple tool we aim to engage the public and educate them on how they can become a part of a revolution to change the attitude and thought process behind much the nations misinformed ideas. The first step in making this change is education, and if we can spread accurate information about cannabis we are confident change will happen organically.

Statistics Support Our Work

Although the naysayers would have the public believe that cannabis legalization will likely never happen on a federal level, the evidence points in the opposite direction. For example, a poll released in October of last year by the Gallup Institute showed that American’s are in favor of marijuana legalization by 58%. Compare that number with a previous Gallup poll in 1969 when Americans only favored legalization by 12%, and it becomes painfully obvious the public is waking up to the possible benefits of legalization.

Why Join Us?

If you are fed up with the unruly laws on cannabis and wish to see people everywhere gain access to their medicine the way they are meant to, then we urge you to support our work. We are not asking for support in the form of donations, but rather encourage our audience to join us in spreading the hashtag #YesWeCannabis throughout their social media platforms. Through this simple process we can gain the foothold we need to climb the mountain of legislation that stands in our way, and together we can make history!

With over 40 states since 2009 altering their cannabis laws in some form or another, we feel that a final push is all that is necessary to force the government to represent the public on cannabis legalization. Let your voice be heard and join our campaign to be the change you want to see in the world. When we work together as a nation nothing can stop us.

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